Friday, November 23, 2012

Episode # 228th

We come back to the show to continue on with "The Dylan Morgan Show" by Jenny Frame. You can read along or ahead by clicking HERE to her website.

The song snippet this week is Leigh Nash's - Need To Be Next To You.

Book recommendation this week is "Truth Behind the Mask" by Lesley Davis. You can read the description HERE.

The movie(s) recommended this week x 2 - over at OneMoreLesbian are:
  1. Own Drum which you can click HERE to see the Trailer
  2. Diary of a Misfit: The Roy Hudgins Documentary Project which you can also see the trailer by clicking HERE.
 The links for the information on Renee's being an instructor is HERE and for Lucy and her Starship promo is HERE.

This show is dedicated for my wife's mother - Noelene Mahoney. R.I.P.

For any suggestions, ideas, comments, recommendations et al. Please send all emails to

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