Saturday, September 28, 2013

Episode #265

New show this week with new storyline!

This week we start the continuing storyline of CJ & Kate in After Montana in Episode #3 "After Vermont" by Wendy Arthur. You can read along or ahead through the entire series by clicking HERE.

The song snippet this week is  "Love You Like A Love Song" by GLEE.

The book recommendation this week is Isabella's - "Always Faithful" you can see the book cover and order HERE, the description is HERE.

This week's movie recommendation over a OML is The False Heart (Das Falsche Herz) – Excerpt and you can see it by clicking HERE.

The information on Renee to moderate 'cultivating awareness' panel at Spiffest can be read HERE.

And the information on Renee's Story "To The Roof of Africa" in New Book can be read HERE.

Don't forget to check out AUSXIP for the latest on the bidding for some great items for Starship support including a chance to Skype with Lucy for 10mins.

For the FREE Book Giveaway: Night Vision by Karin Kallmaker : First entry with the winning answer of this week's question gets it:
The book was originally published under what pen name of Karin's?

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Episode # 264

The SUPER LONG EXCITING CONCLUSION to Kennedy Northcutt's - "My Lord Conqueror: Changes"!!

You can read along to the end by clicking HERE!

The song snippet this week for the ending is Aurora feat. Marcella Detroit - "To Die For".

The book recommendation for this week is "Exit Wounds" by VK Powell, you can read the description HERE as well as an excerpt.

The movie recommendation this week is the continuing web series over at OML - Roomies with the Episode "THE NEIGHBORS", you can see the trailer HERE.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Episode #263 

Something different comes!!

We are having a book giveaway this week!

As we continue on with Kennedy Northcutt's - "My Lord Conqueror: Changes", which you can read along with or ahead by clicking HERE, we offer something else.

The song snippet in this week's show is Katy Perry's - Firework.

The book recommendation & GIVEAWAY this week is - Karin Kallmaker's "Night Vision". You can read the description HERE.

To ENTER into the Giveaway, all you have to do is listen to the show, find the correct answer and be the first to send it to me at

The movie recommendation this week is "Holding Hands with Stranger" and you can see the trailer HERE.

The Mini-Series that Lucy Lawless will appear in - Code, can be read about by clicking HERE.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Episode # 262

We continue with the Kennedy Northcutt series - "My Lord Conqueror : Changes" where you can read along or ahead by clicking HERE.

The song snippet this week is Against Me! - Borne On The FM Waves Of The Heart.

The book recommendation this week is Clean Slate by Andrea Bramhall, click HERE to read the description as well as to get an excerpt of the book.

The movie recommendation this week is the teaser trailer for the new lesbian web series - Nikki & Nora. This, as you may recall, is the series that announced support from out in the community for funding to continue on. It has and now, if you click HERE, you can see what they've proposed and started!

The Starship Spring Clean Auction that I mentioned is HERE. You can bid an numerous items up for bid like a Skype chat with Lucy, a vest and other great things.

The Greenpeace Free video I mentioned with Lucy helping Sam Neil out is HERE 

Lucy receives her Dragon Con award video is HERE and her video while doing the Panel are Part I and Part II.

The article about Michael Hurst's CHICAGO can be read HERE 

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