Thursday, September 30, 2010

Episode #130

We are in Ab Initio by Cruise and continue with the Rayne & Lark Series. You can read along with me, your narrator here.

The song snippet you hear on this week's show is Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesia's - Could I Have This Kiss.

The book recommendation in this week's show is Desire by Starlight - by Radclyffe. You can read the description here at Bold Stroke Books.

The movie recommendation is Siren and you can read a brief description here at OutVideo.

Check out Ausxip regarding the latest on bidding on the box Lucy modeled in for Starlight.
Also, check out her fanclub site and blog regarding Spartacus's actor Andy Whitfield and his fight with Cancer.

If you have not yet done so, please consider donating towards my fund-raising in the fight against Cancer. We are so close to the goal now and less than 37days to the marathon!

THANK YOU to all those who have donated ! Your kindness and generosity is inspiring and shows the support for those suffering through this disease and in my endeavor to complete this run!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Episode #129

I dedicate this episode and show to my loving wife Julie in celebration of our 10yr Wedding Anniversary. To you my love with all that I am.

The song snippet this week in honor of our Anniversary is our wedding entry song, Trisha Yearwood's - From This Moment On.

We are in part III & IV of Ab Initio by Cruise, in continuation of the Rayne & Lark Series. You can read along with the narration here.

The book recommendation this week is Ambereye by Gill McKnight and you can read the description here.

The book recommendation this week is Maggie and Annie and you can read the description here.

Please consider donating to the Cancer Research fundraising that I am doing in conjunction with running the NYC Marathon. Please see the blog spot for the link to the direct secured site where 100% of the donation goes to research!

To those who have donated, thank you so much in helping get us so close to our goal!!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Episode #128

We are in the final sequel of the Rayne & Lark series, Ab Initio. Thank you to Cruise for her allowing us to use the story which you can read along here.

There is a dedication in this week's show to Anna and Alisha. They are going to be married in Washington, D.C. and Anna wants to dedicate the song snippet from Joni Mitchell's - A Case Of You.

Congratulations to them both and best wishes for a fruitful and joyous marriage.

The book recommendation this week is Head Trip by D.L. Line and you can read the description here.

The movie recommendation this week is My Normal and you can read the description here.

The picture of Lucy Lawless in the Amazon Garb can be seen here at the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club site.

Thank you to those who donated so far to my fund raising cause; the Lance Armstrong organization for Cancer Research.

For those who have yet to donate, please please do so. Just $5 goes along way and all monies - 100% go to Cancer Research.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Episode #127

On to the final sequel to the Rayne & Lark Series - Ab Initio by Cruise.

The song snippet this week is the Sugarbabe's - About You Now.

The book recommendation this week is River Walker by Cate Culpepper and you can read the description here.

The movie recommendation is Some Prefer Cake, you can read the description here.

The announcement this week is to say there is no announcement as I have been ordered to take a running break, so you listeners get a break too! (Lucky you!)

I still want to take time out to say THANK YOU to those who have donated to my fundraising cause to fight Cancer.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Episode #126 - Itunes fix for those who downloaded the other one. OOPS

Here is Episode #126 again; my apology to those who downloaded it on iTunes and got #125 instead.

This one will take its place and you can delete the other one so it doesn't clutter up your podcast section on your Ipod, Iphone or Ipad.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Episode #126 - 2nd attempt

We are in the chapter conclusion of the story - You Can't Tame A Wild Rose by Deny.

The song snippet you hear on this week's show is Sylver - Rise Again.

The book recommendation is sent in by the Naughty Monkey is - 1st Impressions: Cassidy James Mystery by Kate Calloway.

The movie recommendation - The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe by Jane Wagner.

The latest updates out on the web includes Xena's (Lucy Lawless) selling off her own personal outfits for the show to raise funds for Starship. You can check it out over at Ausxip.

Another update is the site - Uber Etc is a place to find links to alt f/f fan fiction on the web.

Congratulations to the Nurse & Naughty Monkey on their engagement!! All the best luck my friends!!

Thank you to all those who have donated for the Cancer Research fund raising!! You have helped in your kindness to eliminate a vile and devastating disease and maybe one day we'll be rid of it!!

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