Sunday, November 4, 2012

Episode #226  

 *Apologies for the late posting - the server froze!**
We start a new storyline this week, thanks to Jenny Frame. "The Dylan Morgan Show" is located HERE so that you can read along or ahead while I narrate for you.

The song snippet this week is Afrojack ft. Shermanology - "Can't Stop Me Now".

The book recommendation this week is a story recommendation, Jenny Frame continuing saga of Alex and Beth in "Lady of Dencotte". Please make sure to check out her site HERE.

The movie recommendation this week is s short film over at OneMoreLesbian called - Runaway. You can view the trailer by clicking HERE.

Make sure to check yourselves out by attending a Breast Screening this year! Don't take a chance that you'll never be affected by it!

If you have any suggestions for the show, ideas, comments, recipes etc, etc,...a tad bit of praise...**cough**.

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