Saturday, November 10, 2012

Episode #227 
We continue on with the "Dylan Morgan Show" by Jenny Frame. You can read along or ahead by clicking HERE and we thank Jenny for granting permission for us to use her story on the show.

The song snippet this week is Adam Lambert's - "For Your Entertainment"...I felt it fit the story line as well as what I do every week for you...the listener.

The book recommendation this week is "Jacob's War" by C.P. Rowlands and you can read the description as well as an excerpt by clicking HERE.

The movie recommendation this is "Lengua Materna" (spanish for Mother Tongue) and you can see the trailer by clicking HERE.

The video I discussed about the cat being trained for a walk is seen HERE and please make sure to friend/like the videos.

The other website I discussed about the Xena Chronology can be seen by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions regarding the show, suggestions for it or even some stories, movies, song snippets, recipes or ideas, shout outs ....send an email to

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