Thursday, January 7, 2010

93rd Episode

Welcome back to another show.

We are in the series by Melissa Good titled A Matter Of Pride. You can read along with the show by going to her website here.

The song snippet you hear on this week's show is by David Guetta and is titled - One Love featuring Estelle. Check it out on YouTube and get the cd.

The book recommendation this week is sent in by Kim and is called The Lightning Thief. You can check out a snippet of the upcoming movie at YouTube here.

The movie this week is actually a web series recommendation sent in by my movie wench Pam, she has two of them for us this week:
  1. Anyone But Me - and can be checked out here.
  2. Seeking Simone - and can also be checked out here.
Everyone is gearing up for the Xena Convention in February and I wish you all the best time out there! Hopefully someone will kindly send in some photos and tidbits to share for those of us not able to attend.

Please start sending in some stories for the show, one or two pages at most. Also any recipes so that we can start the recipe corner.

My email for all announcements, dedications, suggestions, recipes, stories and all tidbits in between is

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