Saturday, March 1, 2008

Inaugural Episode #01

Listen to Inaugural Episode

Well Hello Everyone and welcome to this the Inaugural Xena And Ubers Podcast (aka) XNU. My name is Cas and I am your podhost.

This Podcast is an endeavor of the heart for all those who wish to listen to Uber Xena stories that have subtext in them which endears it to our genre.

The format for this podcast follows that of XenaCast Podcast by Amy Boatman.

The song you hear is It's In The Water by Sarah Hickman from the movie "It's In The Water".

This Inaugural Podcast Episode #1 story is by the Late LJ Maas. For her website please click here; click here for The Conquerer Series

If you have any suggestions for stories or ideas for the show; feel free to email me at

I hope to have another podcast out in 2 weeks; pending life! And since this is my first attempt at podcasting I ask that you bear with me as I work out the kinks and get into a rhythm for the format.

Enjoy and see ya for Episode # 2

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