Monday, February 18, 2008

Welcome to Xena & Ubers

Welcome Everyone to the Xena And Ubers Sub-Text Podcast.

The premise of this podcast is to give a voice to all the stories out there that cater to the Sub-Text subscribers. Sub-Text by definition is the underlying meaning or message (the story within the story).

So here, in Xena And Ubers (XNU) for short; we will be delving in to stories that give an underlying story to the heroines.

Here will will satisfy our private, primal urges of listening to stories of love that overcomes boundaries, social prejudices, ideologies or just plain backwards thinking!

I am working on fine tuning the little quirks of the podcast (like actually getting it to play) and will be posting the Inaugural Podcast episode soon.

Please check back in anticipation of the upcoming event.

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