Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Episode #04

Listen to Episode #04

Hopefully I have figured out the mistake from Episode #03 (towards the end) where it sounded like a recording out of a cave. (Being the closet podcaster that I am!)

We continue on with Chapter 7, 8 &; 9 of The Conqueror Series by the Late LJ Maas.

I have permission from 1 other author for a story after I finish off this section of the series. If anyone can suggest some stories to me so that I can contact the author for permission, it would be appreciated.

The movie / video suggestion for this episode is It's In the Water. Click here to see the notes on the movie.

The music on this Podcast is Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love.

I would like to know which song you prefer as to be the theme song for this Podcast; so please drop me an email with the podcast number nominating the song / music choice.

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Send me your stories suggestions, ideas or just say hi and if you are enjoying the podcast at

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Samantha said...

I was checking my itunes, hoping for updates on Amy Boatmans' podcast when i noticed this one pop up during the search. I was pleasently surprised and set about to quickly suscribe to it so i can get the updates. I think you are doing a marvalous job and don't have any complants.Thanks : )