Monday, April 6, 2015

Episode #308

Hello EVERYONE - I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a longer than anticipated break, I've come back to grace the airwaves with my dulcet tones! Bwahahahah.

Seriously, thanks everyone for being so tolerant and patient whilst I brought my life back into some semblance of order, (listen to the show for a hint).

So, here is the new storyline.

We start out with a new story: Time Flies ~ by Ri. Click HERE for the link to her storyline and HERE for her website with more stories for you to read (and suggest any that you might want to hear on the show).

The movie recommendation for this show is: UNION SHORTClick HERE for the link to view it.

The book recommendation this week is over at Sapphire Books - "Editing Life" by Sandy Dugger. You can click HERE to read the description and HERE to order the book.

For all about LUCY, check out the Lucy Lawless fan page HERE.

ALL info for anything Xena & etc, check out AUSXIP - MaryD's Site.

Since this is the first show from such a long absence I've got a lot to cover and get back up on top of, so bear with me and keep coming back for more!

To send all emails - say hi, thanks for coming back, suggestions etc.......go to:


Teajay said...

Yay, fab to have you back, missed you

Teajay said...
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