Sunday, July 14, 2013

Episode #256

We are back! 

We have a lot of great information and stories to share from the 2013 GCLS Convention!

So, here we go:

The song snippet on this weeks show (Thanks to Vanessa!) is "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz.

The book recommendation this week is a from a lovely little author, who is cute as a button - Rachel Spangler. I had the great pleasure of meeting her and listening to her at the GCLS. Her book - "Does She Love You" is this week's recommendation and you can click HERE to read the description and an excerpt.

There are multiple video recommendations this week :
  1. The hysterically funny video of Georgia Beers - "A Day in the Life of a Romance Writer". You have to see it! (Click HERE)
  2. Another video is "Lesbiana - A parallel revolution". Great historical perspectives on the changes in society and groups. You can see it here - click HERE.
  3. A new TV Series being produced by JLO - The Fosters. You can see it HERE.
  4. Then finally there is a funny trailer for a web series - "Roomies". You can see it HERE.
The story I mentioned on line about "The Problem With the Sexualization of Lesbians" can be read HERE.

A shout out to the girls at the COCKTAIL HOUR and a great big Thank You to the staff of the GCLS for a great con.

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