Saturday, April 20, 2013

Episode #246

We are moving along in this story "My Lord Conqueror: Changes" by Kennedy Northcutt. You can read along or ahead by clicking HERE.

The song snippet this week is The Temper Trap - "Trembling Hands". 

The book recommendation this week is "Ghost Trio" by Lillian Q. Irwin, click HERE to get the description as well as read an excerpt of the book.

The movie this week over at OML is a short film - "Tracks"; click HERE to have a look at it.

Click HERE at this ICON for a free book from Audiotrial:

For all recipes, song snippets, book or movie recommendations send an email to

For story ideas for the show - please remember to send in the Title of the story, the author's name, a working email address for the author and a link if possible for the story.

ANY and ALL recommendations for stories is GREATLY appreciated!!

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