Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Episode #239

Getting closer to the exciting conclusion in "The Dylan Morgan Show" by Jenny Frame. Check out her site HERE and you can either read along as I narrate or you can read ahead.

The song snippet this week is Schiller feat. September - Breath.

The book recommendation this week is "The Chase" by Jesse. J. Thoma, you can read the description by clicking HERE.

The movie recommendation(s) this week are "Route of Acceptance" (trailer) and "If I Was Your Girlfriend - (full film). You can see either by clicking on their titles.

For a FREE Audio Book - click HERE.

Please think of possible stories you'd like to hear on the show, and send me an email with the Title, Author's Name and working email address to

I'll contact the author for permission to read their story - Your choice - on the show!

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