Saturday, February 16, 2013

Episode # 238

We are nearing the exciting conclusion...but just not yet of "The Dylan Morgan Show" by Jenny Frame. Follow along as I narrate or read ahead by clicking HERE.

The song snippet you hear is Maverick Sabre's - Used to Have It All - Delta Heavy Remix.

The book recommendation this week is x 2! We have Beloved Gamorrah by Justine Saracen and you can read the description and an excerpt by clicking HERE for that one.

The other one is The Supernatural Detective - by Crin Claxton and you can read the description by clicking HERE for that.

The movie recommendations this week are also by 2! We have an short called Incredible Girl - click HERE for that trailer and for The Reason Behind Me (another short) click HERE.

For a FREE AUDIO BOOK - click HERE!!!!!!!!!

I have attempted to contact a few authors regarding permission to use their stories but unfortunately am not receiving any replies. Please, send in your requests / suggestions with a working email for the author, the title of their work and the author's name to me at

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