Thursday, September 15, 2011

Episode # 173

Chapter 12 of "I Found My Heart in San Francisco - Book 1: Awakenings" by Susan Meagher. You can read along or ahead by clicking here.

The song snippet sent in by Jaquie is GYM II by Meg Christian.

The book recommendation this week is Hostage Moon by AJ Quinn. You can read the description and order the book by clicking here.

The movie recommendation this week is Tick Tock Lullaby. You can click here to see the trailer.

Our condolences for the family of Andy Whitfield at his passing on 11th September 2011 and you can help his family by donating to the trust fund set up in his name by going to the Official Lucy Lawless Website (click here).

Please send all emails for suggestions for the show to I could use movie, song, book, stories, announcements, recipes, ideas, competition donations, hugs or anything else you'd like to send.


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