Thursday, September 30, 2010

Episode #130

We are in Ab Initio by Cruise and continue with the Rayne & Lark Series. You can read along with me, your narrator here.

The song snippet you hear on this week's show is Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesia's - Could I Have This Kiss.

The book recommendation in this week's show is Desire by Starlight - by Radclyffe. You can read the description here at Bold Stroke Books.

The movie recommendation is Siren and you can read a brief description here at OutVideo.

Check out Ausxip regarding the latest on bidding on the box Lucy modeled in for Starlight.
Also, check out her fanclub site and blog regarding Spartacus's actor Andy Whitfield and his fight with Cancer.

If you have not yet done so, please consider donating towards my fund-raising in the fight against Cancer. We are so close to the goal now and less than 37days to the marathon!

THANK YOU to all those who have donated ! Your kindness and generosity is inspiring and shows the support for those suffering through this disease and in my endeavor to complete this run!

Send in all recipes, book, story, movie recommendations, announcements, ideas and shout outs to

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