Thursday, September 16, 2010

Episode #128

We are in the final sequel of the Rayne & Lark series, Ab Initio. Thank you to Cruise for her allowing us to use the story which you can read along here.

There is a dedication in this week's show to Anna and Alisha. They are going to be married in Washington, D.C. and Anna wants to dedicate the song snippet from Joni Mitchell's - A Case Of You.

Congratulations to them both and best wishes for a fruitful and joyous marriage.

The book recommendation this week is Head Trip by D.L. Line and you can read the description here.

The movie recommendation this week is My Normal and you can read the description here.

The picture of Lucy Lawless in the Amazon Garb can be seen here at the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club site.

Thank you to those who donated so far to my fund raising cause; the Lance Armstrong organization for Cancer Research.

For those who have yet to donate, please please do so. Just $5 goes along way and all monies - 100% go to Cancer Research.

For any suggestions, book and movie recommendations, recipes, song snippets, dedications or anything at all, send the email to

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