Thursday, May 27, 2010

Episode # 112

Well, we are on my story and getting closer and closer....You can read along here at When Do You Know.

The song snippet this week is Pink's - OMG featuring Peaches.

The book recommendation is Hearts Aflame by Ronica Black and you can read a synopsis here at Bella Books.

The movie recommendation is Amour de Femme and can be reviewed by click on the Wolfe video link on my blog.

My top 8 listing of saying or happenings during or about intimate encounters as suggested by the Nurse and Naughty Monkey :
  1. If it has claws - beware!
  2. It's lined in Gold
  3. If it purrs, you've made it happy.
  4. If it tastes like chicken keep lickin, if it smells like cologne leave it alone.
  5. It's been soooo long (since ya got any) that if someone said boo, you'd flood the floor.
  6. If I give you roses, will you come?
  7. When the thighs clamp down shut and almost burst your eardrums.
  8. When your ears get grabbed for directions.
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