Thursday, May 6, 2010

Episode #109

Alot happening in this week's episode....but ya have to tune it to find out. We are getting into some suspenseful sections of When Do You Know by your host Cas. You can read along by clicking here.

The song snippet you hear is Debelah Morgan - Dance With Me.

The movie recommendation this week sent in by Vanessa is Fried Green Tomatoes and Boys On the Side.

The book recommendation is When Women Were Warriors by Catherine M. Wilson and can be read about at the link here; thanks to Tina for that (you naughty little monkey you!)

The site mentioned about the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer site:

Check out the blog to make a donation for the run I am doing to raise funds for Cancer Research.

All suggestions on books, movies, songs, recipes can be sent here to

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