Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Episode #89

We still continue with A Matter Of Pride by Melissa Good, you can read along with the narration or read ahead by visiting her site here.

The Book review this week by me is Veritas by Anne Laughlin and can be reviewed here.

The Movie review this week sent in by my movie wench is Late Bloomers and can be reviewed here.

As I've had positive comments regarding the recipe suggestion, I will start requesting people send in their recipes as soon as you can so we can start posting them and making them! YUM!!

Still waiting for suggestions for the 100th Episode coming really really SOOONN!!! So far I've had story competition, asking for Guest introductions (ie Lucy, Renee) and little things such as updates.

Please help me out here! It's 100th Episode!! Come on .......

Send emails to Xena.Uber@gmail.com or check out the blog at www.xena-ubers.blogspot.com.

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