Thursday, October 29, 2009

Episode #83

The chapter we are on this week in A Matter Of Pride by Melissa Good is the first half of Part 5.

The song snippet this week is sent in by Vanessa, it is Show You Love by Jars of Clay.

The Book review this week is : Whiskey and Oak Leaves by Jaime Clevenger and published by Bella Books. You can read the review / excerpt here.

The Movie review is The Secrets and you can read the excerpt here. Just type in The Secrets.

Make sure you check out MaryD's Ausxip new Auction site here and look over at the new Lucy & Renee HQ site here. (Links also on the left side of my blog).

Please start sending in your ideas for the 100th episode coming soon. Would like to hear your ideas on what you - the listener, would like to hear or do for it.

As always, send in future story suggestions, suggestions for song snippets, announcements, dedications or current events in our community across the world to

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