Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Episode #51

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Welcome back!

We have a Winner for our Inaugural XNU Competition!
The Winner is....(drum roll please) Congratulations to Becky Summers of West Palm Beach, Florida.
She is the winner of Sweet Slumber - Love's Heavenly Messenger (The Bradford Exchange) Heart Shaped Plate valued at over $55.

Here are the answers for the competition:
  1. Liz Freidman
  2. Bacchus
  3. Anemoi
  4. Approximately 1450 BC but with new technology it places it around 1627 Bc and1600 BC
  5. Knossos
  6. Heinrich Schliemann
  7. Goddess Aphrodite, Greek mythology, from her heel
  8. "Oh my God, She killed Kenny. That Bitch!" & "Geronimo"
  9. Seven
  10. The Bride with White Hair
  11. Corinth, Greece
  12. The Feeling you've heard this bullshit before
So those where the answers. I hope you enjoyed researching and finding out a little about all those different facts.

Now on with the show!

The song snippet this week is sent in by Ina from Germany, no dedication. It is Kerli - Walking on Air.

The book review sent in this week from my book wench is The Killing Room by Gerri Hill. It can be reviewed here.

We also have a movie review sent in from a new listener Fae, it is Kissing Jessica Stein. You can review it here.

All emails for songs, movies, books, news or just Hello's & Thanks can be sent to Xena.Uber@gmail.com

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