Monday, March 9, 2009

Episode # 50

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Welcome to the half century mark!

In this week's episode as promised, we have the 1st ever XNU competition.
The questions have been read on the show but as stated, I would have them here as well in case some of you did not understand what one of the questions was.
  1. Everyone can participate
  2. How you get your answers is up to you.
  3. First in - best dressed......or answered as the case may be. The first email I receive with all questions answered correctly and matching my answers will be the winner.
  4. The winner will be contacted by email.
  5. The winner must then reply to the notification of winning within 3 days so that I can gather all details necessary to post the prize.
  6. If no reply to that email within 3 days, the prize is forfeited and it defaults to the second email entry that is correct.
The winner will be announced on the 51st Episode Show and the prize revealed.

Here are the questions - (Good luck everyone):
  1. Who wrote the disclaimers for the Xena Warrior Princess show?
  2. Name the 1st God to get killed by Xena?
  3. What are the mythological beings that personify the winds called?
  4. When (approximately) did the Minoan civilization collapse into flaming destruction?
  5. From what archeological land did Faience become RE-discovered?
  6. Who, with his excavation of spectacular gold artifacts at Mycenae, gave first substance to the writings of Homer?
  7. What God's blood, from what culture and from what part of their body give the red rose it's color?
  8. What was the episode name and what was screamed from a lice Xena threw into the fire?
  9. How many episodes of Xena do not have disclaimers?
  10. What 1993 film was the inspiration for bringing a woman warrior into Hercules?
  11. Where is LAT - N37°56 LON - E22°55?
  12. What is the meaning or definition of De Ja Moo? (Yes, Moo).
The song snippet this week, a request from Laura (my running buddy) in the Uk is Girls Aloud and the title is The Loving Kind.

No book review this week in honor of the competition.

Send in all your emails regarding songs, movies, books or just to say "Hey, thanks for the great job'....hint hint

Good Luck everyone!

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