Friday, June 27, 2008

Episode #17

Listen to Episode #17

We continue with Provenance by Debbie Bathurst aka Cruise. Her website is located here at Clububer2000. Please drop her an email to tell her that you are enjoying the story.

The song you hear on this episode is by the Veronicas called This Love.

Currently on vacation in Sunny, Sweaty Florida!

***LATE BREAKING NEWS FLASH*** Have gotten a valid email for Melissa Good and have gotten permission to read some of her stories (YEAH!) there is always one...there are conditions to what stories I can read on the show and I will explain more of that later on!

Thank you for the emails for the compliments on the show and suggestions for future stories. I have received a lovely suggestion on a music selection for the show and am currently following up on that so I will keep you posted on it.

Also, the last bulletin about Renee starring on Army Wives comes from the AfterEllen website so take a look there and find out the latest news.

As usual, please feed the storyteller at .

Til the next episode!

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