Monday, June 16, 2008

Episode #15

Listen to Episode #15
Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in getting this out as I had every difficulty under the sun in getting the broadband hook up to work!!

The music selection for this cast is Perfect by Vanessa Amorisi.

The story is by Cruise and is called Provenance. Her website is located here ClubUber2000.

Seeking assistance is finding a story I read some time ago, its a Xena & Gabrielle story involving either Eponin or Ephiny taking Xena & Gabrielle to the Queen's exclusive retreat for their honeymoon where either Aphrodite & Athena give them a wedding gift of a love making potion.
If anyone can remember the story line and know where it is located, I would appreciate an email with it's location. The first person to let me know what it is will not only be indebted to me, but will receive something for their assistance!

Send me an email at for any story suggestions, movie suggestions or just to say hi!

Til the next episode!

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