Thursday, August 25, 2016


Hello everyone of my long but not forgotten listeners.

I have not abandoned you, merely taken time to attend to much needed issues.

I am planning on returning, but as of yet can not give you a return date.

But it definitely will happen!

I've had many things to do and accomplish - renovations, puppy schooling, health, family emergencies and work.

I did post a tweet of something that really irked me the other day, which some of you might have seen.

It is an issue with a online supplier who has fleeced me (scammed?) of some money. I ordered some shoes with them (as one does nowadays) as the site led me to believe they were actually located in country.
I find out after the order was placed it was actually overseas in China, after I requested a tracking number that was supposed to be "3.We will send you your tracking number in 36-48 hours after we receive your Payment." That never actually happened.

Now, that is not an issue as a lot of commercial items are now manufactured in China as you can tell by picking any random item up and looking at the label stating "Made in China."

My issue began when I finally received an order and opened it up to find shoes I DID NOT ORDER!
The shoes I was sent were wrong design, inferior quality and I was charged for shipping when they specifically state on their website they offer free shipping worldwide.

Then the fiasco began!

  1. Can u pls send us a proof,then we will find u a solution meothod.Thanks.
Okay, pictures of what I ordered off their website and of what they sent me.

     2.  so sorry,do not like the items you got at all?

No, I want what I ordered. (really??? If I wanted that shoe I would have ordered it).

     3. If 15% refund and you can keep the parcel,are u interested?It will not bring u extra lost:)You also can sell the wrong pair for extra fees

No, I don't want to sell something I never wanted~! And 15% ?!?!?

    4. But customs is strict recently.It will bring u high risk to send back.You may get nothing at all.Return will also have long time procedure.To save your extra cost,we will do u partial refund as compensation and you can keep the parcel received,do u think it is better?

No, that is your issue not mine! I have contacted my credit card company and started proceedings for fraud and asked for Visa to intervene.

I suggest NO ONE shop at as you potentially will be suffering the same.

This is but just one of the issues I have been dealing with, so you can understand how I have not had time to really sit down for 2-4 hours for recordings.

But I will........


Mickael Driancourt said...

bonjour, j'ai également été visctime de la meme arnaque, site ; j'ai acheté une paire de chaussures art amsterdam pour 102e et j'ai reçu après 3 semaines des chaussures médiocres !!!
depuis j'essaie de me faire rambourser, avez vous réussi ?


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