Saturday, September 19, 2015

Episode # 317

Another Chapter of the "Xena Warrior Princess - Atlantis Chronicles" by Jazzy Trafikowska is now up and available for you to listen to. You can see the website dedicated to this book as well as details on how to purchase by clicking HERE.

The song snippet on this week's show from the soundtrack is  - CHAPTER 1 - 05. Rising from the ashes.

The book recommendation this week is Sandra Moran's - Nudge. You can read an excerpt of her book HERE as well as view her entire site.

The movie recommendation this week at OML is another review of the movie "CAROL" starring Cate Blancett; make sure to click HERE to see it.

For a FREE Audio book, make sure to click on the link on the right for AudibleTrial ======================================================>>>>

Renee's new movie details "Watch the Skies" can be seen by clicking HERE , as well as the sketches HERE.

Don't forget to check out MaryD's site - AUSXIP for all the latest on auctions (Starship - Xena's Robe this month) as well as several tv shows, movies and all the latest from our great actors.

If you'd like to send in an email regarding any books/stories, movies etc please send them to

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PeeWee, the non-perishable-zealot said...

Sweetheart, just wait till the Warning...
then you'll see.
God bless you.