Sunday, August 3, 2014

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300th Episode

Welcome One & All to the historic 300th Episode of Xena & Ubers Podcast!

 We are giving away two prizes this week in celebration of the momentous occasion:
1. Giveaway - "Blood Guilt" by Lindy Cameron
    2. Xena WP - CD/DVD velcro zipped carry pouch 

    All you have to do to win, is send in an email to and state what episode you found the most enjoyable and why. All entries will be put into a hat and my wife will draw out the winning names!

    We continue on with "Dark Wood Rising" by Link, and you can read along or ahead by clicking HERE.

    The song/music snippet you hear on this week's show is Even Angels by Fantasia.

    The book recommendation this week is "No Boundaries" by Donna K. Ford, you can read the description and an excerpt by clicking HERE.

    The movie(s) recommended this week are:
    1. Zoe.Misplaced - Trailer
    2. Star Cross'd Jammer - Trailer

    For the articles about Lucy Lawless on her official site, click HERE.

    For the interviews with Lucy Lawless click HERE.

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