Saturday, February 15, 2014


A new storyline this week!

We thank Nancy Cornell-Healy, aka The Bumbling Bard, for permission to read her storyline on the show.

The storyline is "Salvation" by Nancy Cornell-Healy and you can read ahead or along as I narrate by clicking HERE.

The song snippet this week is Katy Perry's - Dark Horse.

The book recommendation this week is a sequel to "Scarlet Masquerade", it is by Isabella writing as Jett Abbott and is "Scarlet Assassin." You can read the previews to each by clicking on the titles.

The movie recommendation this week is a snippet about the Valentine Day bad gifts given; you can see it by clicking HERE.

Regarding my early Day of Seeing Anniversary gift (not Valentine gift) that I mentioned, this is what I was given:

Yes, I am spoiled and loved.

Okay, movin' on!

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Regarding the movie "The CODE" starring Lucy Lawless, please click HERE.

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