Saturday, May 4, 2013

Episode #248

We are now on chapter 11 of Kennedy Northcutt's - "My Lord Conqueror: Changes". You can read along or ahead by clicking HERE.

The song snippet this week is "After the Fall" by Two Steps from Hell - The Devil Wears Nada Album.

The book recommendation this week is "Battle Axe" by Carsen Taite, you can read the description as well as an excerpt by clicking HERE.

The movie recommendation this week is a trailer for Spidarlings, you can see it by clicking HERE.

The announcement for Renee can be seen HERE .

For that FREE audiobook, click on this icon:

I'm asking for some help!

If you have any ideas for song snippets, book recommendations, movie suggestions, announcements or future story lines, PLEASE send them into me at

I would need the story title, author's name and a working email plus where on the net you found the story.

I'd be EVER so grateful for everyone's assistance!

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