Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Episode #234

We take a small BREAK this week in the story to do an interview/sit down chat with two great ladies - Andy and Cheri of our sister podcast - The Cocktail Hour. Please check out their site by clicking HERE and join their community / forum.

The song snippet is Adam Lambert's - "For Your Entertainment", I thought it fitting.

The book recommendation this week is "In Media Res" by Yolanda Wallace. You can read the description as well as an excerpt by clicking HERE.

The movie recommendation this week is actually a NEW mini web series pilot - THE GROVE. You can click HERE to take you to the full length episode and subscribe to the rest of the series.

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JALOG said...

I enjoyed this episode very much! As a listener of both shows, it was heaven! YOU LADIES ALL ROCK!

Cheri said...

Cas!! Just listened to the show and was reminded about just how much fun I had talking with you and Andy.

Thanks so much for having us on XNU and for all that you do for the community.


Cheri said...

Oh! When we were talking about what Andy does, we totally forgot to mention that she does all the recording and editing of the shows. That's huge!