Friday, July 27, 2012

Episode #213 

We continue on with the next installment / chapter of "Blades of the Red Sun" by Saul Trabal and you can read along or ahead by clicking HERE.

The song snippet this week is Adam Lambert's - For Your Entertainment.

The book recommendation this week is "Dreaming of Her" by Maggie Morton and you can read the description as well as an excerpt by clicking HERE.

The movie recommendation this week is two-fold, you have the Short Film - Heart Rock Point as well as the parody The Real (Enough) L Word Season 2 Parody. You can click on both of the titles for links to the trailers/ movies.

Thanks to Ina for the Tarot Cards and book, as well as the dedication in her first book.

If you have any suggestions for the show, book recommendations, movie recommendations, ideas or any shout out or announcements for the show, send them into

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Thank you Cas, for mention this on your show.

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