Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Episode #192

New story by Kim Pritikel - "Dance with Me", You can read along or ahead by clicking HERE and take a surf over to her website HERE.

The song sent in by Vanessa this week is Keisha's - Your Love is My Drug.

The 2 movie recommendations this week are - ID & Gayby Baby. You can see both by clicking HERE for ID and HERE for Gayby Baby.

The book recommendation this week is Wholehearted by Ronica Black, you can read a description and excerpt by clicking HERE.

The twitter link of for the "REAL LUCY LAWLESS" is HERE!

The ROC link for the movie is HERE.

Thank you to Kim Pritikel for letting us use her story on the show, very much appreciated.

Keep sending in suggestions people, it makes the show more interesting and helps me out alot to be able to do a longer show for you as I don't use up time in researching.

All emails should be sent to HINT!!!

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Ina said...

You accidently put the mailto: between your email adress. The mailto is actually the code for the email box like for example pop3. You normaly don't write it, you only link it and it is invisible... You can see it on the source page.I just needed to write, because this happened to me as well. Funny that I see it on your page now... lol

Best regards Ina