Thursday, August 4, 2011

Episode #168

This week is Chapter 9 of "I Found My Heart in San Francisco - Book 1: Awakenings" by Susan Meagher. You can read along or ahead by clicking on the site here.

The song snippet sent in by Ina is Enya's - Long Long Journey.

The book recommendation this week is Awakening to Sunlight by Lindsey Stone. You can read the description by clicking here.

The movie recommendation this week is Mommy and Mumma and you can see the trailer by clicking here.

For any assistance for the Aids Walk that Cheri from over at Lesbian Fan Fic review site you can visit her fundraising page here or go over to their blog and get some more info here.

Any emails for the show or the narrator can be sent to me here at

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Cheri said...

Cas - Thank you so much for sharing the information about my participation in AIDS Walk WI!!

You ROCK!!