Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Episode #138

The story line we are continuing on is Ab Initio by Cruise and you can read along by clicking on the site here.

The song snippet this week is Tina Arena's - Chains

The book recommendation this week is J.M. Redmann's - Death by the Riverside and you can read a brief description here.

The movie recommendation this week over at Movies for Lesbians is GYPO and you can read the synopsis and review here.

The request for help on a story research is about Xena going on a mission and Gabrielle staying behind with a friend (boy) then going to find her. Whereupon she gets drunk and gets bitten on the butt by a dog after falling down. If anyone can help find that story...please email me so that I can forward it on to one of the listeners.

All suggestions for future stories, recommendations, recipe suggestions, announcements etc can be emailed to me here at

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