Thursday, July 15, 2010

Episode #119

Hello and Welcome one and all!!

This week we go a bit back in time to come forward! We have the sequel to a show I did back in May 2008 (#12) - Provenance by Cruise.

So in this week's show we have, by gracious authority of Cruise, Indiscretions! You can read along here.

The song snippet in this week's show is D:Ream - Things Can Only Get Better.

The movie suggestion is Drool and you can read the description by going to the Wolfe Video link on the left of my blog.

The book recommendation this week is Chasing Love by Ronica Black and you can read the description here for it's release due in December 2010.

PLEASE donate to the fundraiser I am doing for the Lance Armstrong foundation for Cancer Research by clicking on the link on the blog~

A great big THANK YOU to those who have donated! Our goal is getting closer each week!

My training plan is coming along fine with 16 weeks (112 days left as of this posting!) and time is running by (Cliché) fast.

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