Thursday, February 25, 2010

100th Episode!

~To the 100th Episode~

We celebrate the century marker on Xena & Ubers!

I want to invite all of you to listen and enjoy the 100th Episode of Xena & Ubers.

We take a break from the story line we were doing to give you several wonderful uber stories sent in by you, the listeners.

We start with:
  • Vanessa L's - A Promise of an Eternity
  • Kim's (aka Bardbaric) - A Bard's Fury
  • Kimberly's - Dori's Birthday
and finally
  • Denyse M's - You Can't Tame a Wild Rose
A great and wonderful thank you to all who submitted stories for this show~

Then we have in the Library corner an alternative to the book recommendation:

From Tina we have a four session course on Lesbian Pulp Fiction with notable authors from the 1950's & 60's: (link here)
Patricia Highsmith
Ann Bannon
Marijane Meaker

The music you hear is, of course, Xena :Warrior Princes theme music.

We also have created the great Travelin Bard's Recipe Corner~

Here you will find recipes sent in by you, the listeners, to share with everyone~

I want to take the time out now to thank everyone who has sent in emails congratulating me on the 100th episode. It has been a great pleasure bringing you these shows and I look forward to continuing to do so, with your valued input and suggestions.

Many Thanks

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