Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Episode #87

We are on the first half of Part 7 in A Matter Of Pride by Melissa Good. As always, you can read along with the story.

The song snippet this week is Enigma's - Voyageur.

The movie sent in this week by my movie wench is "Love My Life" and can be reviewed here.

The book review by my book wench is "Second Nature" by Jae and it can be reviewed here.

For any and all suggestions for movies, books, future stories or songs. Send all emails to

Please also send in any announcements, dedications or shout outs there as well.

As I have asked and will continue to, up until the last 3 episodes. I am asking for any ideas for the 100th show celebrations and request that you please send in any and all ideas to me at

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