Thursday, September 10, 2009

Episode #76

We are on the intense Chapter 44 of the Conqueror Series, Tale Three - Time's Fell Hand by the Late L.J. Maas. You can read along to her story here.

The song snippet this week is Taste by Lorna Vallings.

We have three book reviews this week from my book wench and now my book ho (wench in training):
  1. Accidental Love by B. L. Miller and you can read that online here.
  2. Always and Forever by Lyn Denison and that can be reviewed here.
  3. Chance by Grace Lennox and that can be reviewed here at Bold Stroke Books.
The movie review from my movie wench is Drifting Flowers and you can read a review here.

On the website / computer news front - The Lucy & Renee HQ site has changed ! Check out her new site here and make sure to adjust / change your bookmark!

And we have a new site, it is a Fan Fic Review site. You can go over to the blog and review their site here.

On a little side note here, my story over at the Athenaeum ( was listed as the top read story TWO WEEKS in a row!!! THANK YOU to everyone who went over and read it. If you haven't, just click here.

As usual, if you want to send any and all emails....I can be reached via

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