Thursday, July 9, 2009

Episode #67

We have now concluded episode #32 of the Conqueror Series, Tale Three - Time's Fell Hand by the Late L.J.Maas.

The song snippet this week is Jordan Sparks - No Air.

The book review by my book wench is "Let It Shine" by Kimberly LaFontaine, published by Intaglio Publications. You can read the review / excerpt here .

The Xena movie video site I mention on the show can be seen here at Xena Music Video. Thanks to listener Dana for the link and suggestion.

If anyone has any special event coming up, birthday, wedding, commitment ceremony or even divorce (cringe) let me know so that I can make an announcement on the show for you.
As always, send any emails to me at

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Janice said...

Thank you for the mention of our XMV site! I have added your link int he FANFIC section!