Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Episode #30

Listen to Episode #30

We have reached the 30th Episode and are quietly celebrating that fact!

We are now on chapter 9 & 1/2 of 10 of the Conqueror Series by the Late L.J.Mass. We are in Tale Two: Petal of the Rose.

The song snippet you hear is Robyn - With Every Heartbeat.

The movie review is When Night is Falling. Here is a link to the Youtube showing of the trailer.

Here is also the link to the cartoon I mentioned about Simon's Cat on Youtube.

Please keep the reviews coming in, they are very helpful and alot of the listeners are getting more and more appreciative of the sharing of books and movies.

For all songs, movies, books and any other suggestions or just to feed the narrator - ME...send me an email at Xena.Uber@gmail.com

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