Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Episode #12

Listen to Episode #12

This is a new story line for the podcast, as suggested in the title Xena AND Ubers so we must do an Uber story.

This story is called Provenance and is by author Debbie Bathurst and her website is here.

The music you hear on this cast is called "Don't Panic" - I don't know who the female singer is though so sorry about that.

No movie suggestions coming in so...none to give out. Check out the video / entertainment link on the blog for some great things.

Have a link now to another website Ralst's Passion & Perfection, hosting multiple stories on many different shows. It's a great site so check it out on the blog in the right side under Wolfe Video.

If you have any suggestions for future stories, Please email me...need some ideas here!

Feed the story reader by sending me an email at Xena.Uber@gmail.com as well as just to say hi and let me know if you're enjoying the story!

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